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Because I suspect some of my friends might find this interesting:

Please reply directly to if you are interested.

Job Posting Title: Metadata Specialist

Job Description: The Disney-ABC Television Group (DATG) Metadata and Taxonomy team is seeking a Metadata Specialist to assist with managing descriptive, administrative and structural metadata to support digital media technology initiatives. The position is located in Burbank, CA.
The Metadata Specialist will assist the Manager, Metadata and Taxonomy in developing and deploying metadata and indexing systems; implementing metadata standards and best practices; and supporting metadata- and nomenclature-related initiatives across Disney-ABC Television Group business units.
In addition, this role requires an understanding of programming logic, script writing agility, excellent communication and organizational skills, as well as knowledge of the digital media landscape, including Internet and media asset management technologies.

* Create, maintain and expand metadata schemas and nomenclature taxonomies
* Research, analyze, and document company-produced terminology (including historical brands, titles, merchandise products, and other keywords and concepts)
* Reconcile issues of metadata formulation and usage between various record structures, asset management systems, and business units
* Analyze, identify and resolve errors and inconsistencies in metadata and nomenclature applied by DATG business units
* Assist colleagues and clients with implementation of nomenclature and metadata standards, tools and techniques
Basic Qualifications:
* 3 years experience in metadata or taxonomy management, digital/media asset management, or information architecture
* Experience developing controlled vocabularies and taxonomies, and thesaurus construction and maintenance
* Strong understanding of search and information seeking behavior
* Knowledge of database architecture, metadata schemas, and ontologies
* Ability to synthesize complex information concepts, protocols and standards, and communicate them into meaningful business activities and/or priorities
* Ability to collaborate with business stakeholders and facilitate diverse, global business needs with active participation and group consensus
* Excellent communication skills
* Strong interpersonal skills and experience working with fellow employees at various levels
Preferred Qualifications:
* Programming in one or more of Java, C++, Python, Scala, PHP, Perl; etc.
* Data migration and integration; ETL; ESB systems; SQL; Unix/Linux
* The ability to write scripts for formatting and moving large amounts of data and content, batch processing, and file manipulation
* Experience building/coding prototypes
* Experience with knowledge bases, especially non-relational (e.g. RDF triple-stores)
* Experience in creating or using syntactic and statistical parsers and stemmers
* Familiarity with information extraction algorithms
* Proficiency in word disambiguation
Required Education: Master's in Library Science, Information Science, or equivalent experience.

Applications to: Patrick Clark, Disney|ABC Television Group
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On Monday, December 30 I developed a scratchy throat about mid-afternoon. By Monday night I was coughing and headachy. Over the next two days, the aches and fever appeared and worsened, along with my cough. Thursday, I saw my doctor, who prescribed Tamiflu, even though we were pushing the 48 hours from symptom onset window of efficacy. Friday morning I woke up coughing up the green gunk that indicates a secondary bacterial infection - three days into what seemed like a mild flu. And I'd had a flu shot.

Three days. Listen, it isn't the flu itself that kills you; it's the secondary bacterial infection, bronchitis or pneumonia, that the flu has stripped your lungs of their natural defenses to fight. That green gunk is what kills you. Luckily, my doctor was on board with even dormant asthma putting me in a high risk category, and immediately put me on antibiotics. I am mostly better, but my lungs are still recovering, two weeks later.

Do not ignore your illness. This flu doesn't present as obviously a flu. If you start to come down with what you think might be a nasty cold, go to the doctor anyway; that 48 hour window is critical to having help to fight the flu, or having to hope your immune system is up to the task all by itself. And from what I've been reading, most usually robustly healthy people are ending up with that secondary infection.

Make no mistake, this is an epidemic, and it is killing people. Please go to the doctor if you get sick!
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Yesterday, I stopped off at the grocery store after taking Nanook to get his shots, to pick up just a couple of things. When I got in line behind a father and very young son, I noticed a set of light bulbs on the edge of the counter, not on the belt. I thought I saw the gentleman glance at and ignore them, so I didn't say anything, even though that extra sense was tingling very insistently.

It turns out the bulbs were his; he had intended to buy them but his son had unloaded their basket, imperfectly. So they had to wait for my purchase to be completed. It bothered me that I hadn't spoken up, thereby playing a part in delaying a father already working hard to keep an eye on and take care of his son while simultaneously taking care of life, the universe and grocery shopping. So I asked the clerk to ring the bulbs up with my purchases. I tried to be quiet about it but she was a little slow on the uptake, then outed me when the gentleman thanked her. I still don't know why I did it, other than I could, and it felt like the thing to do.

I want to create a life where I can do things for others, big and small, whenever I find it needful, or just the right thing to do in the moment. That's the giving person I want to be.
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From the Tech Writing program list at DeAnza:

Read more... )
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May you and yours make with the joy and merriment of the day.

I wish you all peace and happiness. Love!


Sep. 25th, 2012 08:25 pm
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In the last two weeks, overnight, my truck's tires have been vandalized three times. In the first two instances, it is unclear if air was just let out or if actual slow leak damage was done. However, the third time my front tire went flat the repair shop found a hole in the sidewall that could only be deliberate.

I have done my due diligence and filed a police report. Given that no one else's vehicle on our street has received the same treatment, targeting seems likely. That makes the police decide to pay more attention. They will be making nighttime drive-bys as available.

At first I was really upset. I don't know of anyone who hates me enough to do something like this. As far as I know, I don't have any enemies. I do know I've never done anything to anyone to deserve this sort of malicious violence. Spending time and emotional energy focusing on why me, if this has been deliberate, is just giving the jerk(s) who did it what they want. If it was random hooliganism, I really am wasting my time. Instead, I am taking steps to monitor my vehicle at night. Also, I am not so good and forgiving a person that I don't take comfort in the knowledge that whoever did this will get theirs back, in spades.
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On the way home from work, Troy and I passed an accident on 880. A motorcycle and two cars had mixed it up. The bike was under the front fender of one of the cars but we saw the rider sitting up, conscious and being attended to by paramedics. Hopefully, he will be fine. This would be a shade of my worst nightmare accident, which is hitting a motorcyclist on the freeway after they've laid their bike down in front of me. Of wry amusement to us was noting that afterwards every other rider to pass us by splitting the carpool and second lanes was doing so *very* cautiously.

Fast-forward a long commute crawl to Hayward later and I joined the ranks of BART riders, noting an unusual number of bike riders getting on the train. At every stop there were more. Today is the Bike Party Ride, and their stop? Ashby BART, also my exit point. The riders were pleasant to chat with, very concerned with trying to minimize their impact on other passengers, and clearly looking forward to a fun time. My truck was completely surrounded in the full of bicycles and riders parking lot, yet I got nothing but cooperation when I made it clear I wanted to leave, with riders clearing space around me and helping me make sure I didn't hit anyone. I was driving out with a big smile on my face, right up until the unicyclist came flying around the corner of the entrance and almost decorated my hood without my help or consent. I got over it, and I don't think he even noticed his near brush with truck.

Yay! bikes!


Apr. 28th, 2012 06:38 pm
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Grad school is a highly valued and not to be failed opportunity for me. But I miss my people.
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Jumping (back) on the Friday Five bandwagon, with:

1) A reminder to self, and everyone else who needs the same kick in the pants, that avoiding problems does NOT make them go away. Today I may not exactly be grateful, but my spine is straight, and I am dealing. Go me! Also, people, total strangers, are unexpectedly positive when I eat humble pie and ask for help.

2-5 are job opportunities I am passing along from the director of the tech writing program I took at De Anza. I hope someone can use the leads to good advantage!

2) The writing team here at Altera ( is looking for a summer intern. Application is through the website (see below). The job description there is very slightly different than the internal summary below.

Subject: Technical Communications Intern
Hi Everyone,
I am recruiting for a Technical Communications intern for the team. The intern will be working on creating a SharePoint taxonomy for Corporate Marketing and writing device errata during this summer.
Please encourage any qualified candidates to apply:
Thank you!

3) My Name is Satish, I am a recruiter with Sun Technologies
Please find below the position with my direct client. if you are interested and available, kindly provide me with the following details and your updated resume.
Willing to Relocate:
Best # and best time to reach you:
Visa Status:
Right to represent to client:
Pay Rate:
Pay Type (W2 or C2C):W2
Ready to take Drug test and Background Check (Yes/No): Yes
Sr Communications & Technical Editor/Writer
Sunnyvale CA
12+ months contract
$25 /hr - $28 /hr on W2 (All Inclusive)
Must have an excellent command of English grammar (spoken and written); the ability to produce accurate work quickly and juggle multiple projects under deadline pressure; advanced skills in desktop publishing, especially in creating tables, integrating art and text, and formatting documents; proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint software.
A working knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, and SharePoint software is desired
10+ years working in a publications environment, with focus on science and technology disciplines, writing and editing at the Executive Level, and participating in the creation and development of Ad copy.
Must have a bachelor’s degree in English or Journalism, a Masters (or equivalent), with 10 years of professional experience in a similar field.
Thanks and Regards
Satish Kumar
Sun Technologies Inc.
| 3700 Mansell Road | Suite 125 | Alpharetta | GA 30022| Work:678-608-2224| Fax: 678-459-1068

4) 3 months contract position
shift 1: 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Writes and edits complex technical documentation, including user manuals, job aids, installation instructions, technical instructions/bulletins, and other technical publications from document plans and style guides. Develops on-line help screens for company products. Researches technical and engineering information, including drawings, design and test specifications, product prototypes, and interviews with subject matter experts. Completes all phases of document development cycle, including project scope and requirements, documentation design, etc. May develop, recommend and implement technical documentation process and policy changes.
Best Regards
Candy Huang
The Norland Group
Phone: (562) 777-1130
Fax: (562) 777-7111
Please visit: to view more jobs

5) This may be the same job as #3 from a different recruiter:
Greetings from Sun Technologies!
My name is Ashwath and I'm a Technical Recruiter at Sun Technologies Inc.
Presently, we are looking having an opening (W2) with one of our direct client. If you are looking for change of assignment, please email your resume to along with the expected Pay rate, availability and contact details. Feel free to call me at 404-850-9753 to discuss further regarding this job.
Technical Editor
Sunnyvale, CA
12 Month Contract
Working with deadlines and evolving priorities, the ideal candidate is creative, detail oriented, highly productive, and has excellent written and verbal communications skills. The candidate is also self motivated, but comfortable working with large, interdisciplinary teams to support targeted marketing campaigns in coordination with a Corporate Ad Agency to ensure consistent communications and messaging. The right candidate is skilled at prioritizing projects and well versed developing and or modifying existing style guides. The successful candidate is experienced in writing, editing, and laison at the Executive level. They are comfortable working across several scientific and technology disciplines. The successful candidate writes, rewrites, edits, and prepares internal and external materials, including company publications, group emails, intranet pages, training materials, employee meeting materials, technical documents, and presentations. The candidate may be called upon to support new business proposal teams. They will interview sources and research subjects to obtain information and verify facts. The candidate collaborates with graphic designers for production and final proof approval for print pages and Web pages and may be responsible for production coordination and distribution of the final product. The candidate must be available to work additional hours to meet critical deadlines.
Must have a bachelor’s degree in English or Journalism, a Masters (or equivalent)
Best regards,
Ashwath Kumar
Sun Technologies Inc.
|3700 Mansell Road | Suite 125 | Alpharetta | GA 30022| Phone: 404-850-9753| Fax: 678-436-5979||

These are from forwarded email contacts with the director of the tech writing program at De Anza. This is all the information I have. I hope it helps someone!
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This semester I have been struggling with the computer science survey course, Distributed Computing Concepts, that is a required class for my major. I am not the only one struggling. The professor returned to the school this semester after a 4 year sabbatical in Washington, DC, setting up an IT department for one of the federal agencies. It would be fair to say that she knows her stuff. However, figuring out the appropriate level this particular class should be taught at has not been her forte. Neither has hearing us tell her that we are not getting it. Nor that her frequent mistakes only confuse us non-computer science majors who don't have the foundational skill set to work past the misdirection. To say that she has been defensive and impatient would be an understatement.

Yesterday I got an email from her, informing me that I am failing the class and that I should discuss my options with the dean. After the first wave of freakout, I forwarded her email to the administrator, along with expressions of my dismay. The freakout then proceeded in full form. In the last 24 hours I have learned that I am one of 13 who are failing the class. That is over half the class. I also learned that just before Spring break, some students were accused of cheating on their homework because they worked together on the assignment. This boggles and infuriates me! But I wasn't included in that group, lucky for her.

Today I met with the administrator. The school had an emergency meeting to find resolutions; at the meeting I was given my options. It isn't pretty but I chose to drop the class, thereby avoiding an F on my transcript. However, this puts me seriously behind in units earned towards my major. Not at all clear how I will pull it off, but I'll have to take 28 units next year, in two semesters. Unless the class is offered this summer in a time slot I can fit in around my work schedule. There are no good answers, but at least the stress of that class is currently lifted and I can go about making sure I maintain the grades in my other classes.

In other news, the fall I took just before Spring break does not appear to have done anything more serious that a slight setback to surgical recovery in terms of RoM. My PT did some of those oh, so small but incredibly painful later adjustments to my upper back and lower neck. He expressed concern but not worry and I will see him again in 3 weeks, per the Plan. Icing has been achieved; an early night may be called for.

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Disclaimer: I get these announcements from a mailing list; what you see is all the info I have. I am passing them along in the hopes it may actually help someone.

My name is Jessica Iyer and I work in University Recruiting at I received your contact information through the De Anza
College website. We are currently seeking a summer intern for our
Technical Writing team in San Francisco, and I wanted to reach out to see
if you have any potential leads. I have attached the job description for
your review. Please feel free to share my contact information with any
interested candidates.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Best wishes,

Jessica Iyer | Campus Recruiter
(p) 415.536.5015 | (f) 205.588.6490
Find your #dreamjob<>
[cid:image003.jpg@01CD0136.977DACB0]@SalesforceU<!/salesforceu> ranked #27 on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work
list for 2012
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Technical Writer:
* Produce high quality end-user documentation and procedures for a
highly technical audience.
* Take direction from project leads on all phases of information
development from information gathering, research, and interviewing, to
writing and editing.
* Contribute to style guide development and apply Marvell style
standards consistently.
* Produce graphics and illustrations using Visio, such as timing
diagrams, block diagrams and flow charts.
* Produce paper and electronic versions of documentation using
Adobe FrameMaker, and Adobe Acrobat.
Manage competing deadlines and prioritize projects appropriately.

* A Bachelor's degree. Open to all majors.
* Excellent writing skills, with up to 1 year experience in the
field with a portfolio of writing samples. School journalism or classwork
samples are acceptable.
* Some experience using Style Guides such as Chicago Manual of
Style and the Microsoft Manual of Style.
* Excellent organizational and planning skills.
* Ability to handle multiple projects and meet scheduled deadlines.
* Excellent ability to work either in a team environment or
individually when required.
* Some knowledge of desktop publishing tools, and basic style usage
within these tools.
* Some knowledge of illustration tools such as Visio or Illustrator.
* Excellent project management and communication skills.
* Excellent problem-solving skills and logical thinking skills.
* Demonstrable ability to understand basic technical information
and to learn quickly.
Preferable characteristics: A "can do" attitude with a strong desire to
get the job done well.


Laura Chiang
Marvell Staffing Specialist
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I cut my hair today/
It was getting kinda long/
Post-surgery, it was in my way/
I did and I wonder why/
Tho no matter what my freak flag will fly/
Cuz I'm not givin' in an inch to fear/
I promised myself this year/
When I finally get myself together/
Get down in some sunny Cali weather/
Re-find that place inside to laugh/
Separate the wheat from the chaff/
I feel like I owe it to someone

*Thanks to David Crosby for the original lyrics that fit better than I expected. Modifications are my own.
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Troy will be updating to my twitter, LJ and FB accounts once I am out of surgery as he knows my status.

All positive thoughts for an ideal outcome appreciated.
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I miss my people.
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Between teaching workshops, and in between those moving, I have been mostly offline since Friday. The good news is I am all moved in to my new digs in Berzerkeley. The house is not as quiet as advertised but I think things will settle once classes start. I hope. Today was another teaching technology workshop but I overslept then gave myself permission to have a day off. It's the only one I'll get for the foreseeable future. Spending today unpacking and arranging.

If you posted something I must read, send me the link. No way am I catching up now.
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Another long, action-packed weekend. This one was internet-free, so if you wanted me to see and possibly respond to something you posted, send me a link!

June Crown was a pretty and surprisingly quick drive up to Duncan Mills in the mostly dark. The event was relaxing and fun, a timely reminder that I do love spending time with my SCA peeps. And that I need to restock the scotch! Lots of photography, and that was a good thing to get back to, too. Pics soon!
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