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Because I suspect some of my friends might find this interesting:

Please reply directly to if you are interested.

Job Posting Title: Metadata Specialist

Job Description: The Disney-ABC Television Group (DATG) Metadata and Taxonomy team is seeking a Metadata Specialist to assist with managing descriptive, administrative and structural metadata to support digital media technology initiatives. The position is located in Burbank, CA.
The Metadata Specialist will assist the Manager, Metadata and Taxonomy in developing and deploying metadata and indexing systems; implementing metadata standards and best practices; and supporting metadata- and nomenclature-related initiatives across Disney-ABC Television Group business units.
In addition, this role requires an understanding of programming logic, script writing agility, excellent communication and organizational skills, as well as knowledge of the digital media landscape, including Internet and media asset management technologies.

* Create, maintain and expand metadata schemas and nomenclature taxonomies
* Research, analyze, and document company-produced terminology (including historical brands, titles, merchandise products, and other keywords and concepts)
* Reconcile issues of metadata formulation and usage between various record structures, asset management systems, and business units
* Analyze, identify and resolve errors and inconsistencies in metadata and nomenclature applied by DATG business units
* Assist colleagues and clients with implementation of nomenclature and metadata standards, tools and techniques
Basic Qualifications:
* 3 years experience in metadata or taxonomy management, digital/media asset management, or information architecture
* Experience developing controlled vocabularies and taxonomies, and thesaurus construction and maintenance
* Strong understanding of search and information seeking behavior
* Knowledge of database architecture, metadata schemas, and ontologies
* Ability to synthesize complex information concepts, protocols and standards, and communicate them into meaningful business activities and/or priorities
* Ability to collaborate with business stakeholders and facilitate diverse, global business needs with active participation and group consensus
* Excellent communication skills
* Strong interpersonal skills and experience working with fellow employees at various levels
Preferred Qualifications:
* Programming in one or more of Java, C++, Python, Scala, PHP, Perl; etc.
* Data migration and integration; ETL; ESB systems; SQL; Unix/Linux
* The ability to write scripts for formatting and moving large amounts of data and content, batch processing, and file manipulation
* Experience building/coding prototypes
* Experience with knowledge bases, especially non-relational (e.g. RDF triple-stores)
* Experience in creating or using syntactic and statistical parsers and stemmers
* Familiarity with information extraction algorithms
* Proficiency in word disambiguation
Required Education: Master's in Library Science, Information Science, or equivalent experience.

Applications to: Patrick Clark, Disney|ABC Television Group

Date: 2014-04-19 05:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow, interesting. You don't see a lot of job postings that require a MLIS. I wonder how hard it will be for them to fill that position. In my entire MLIS cohort, there might have a couple other people besides me who could program, but I don't think so. And the hardcore taxonomy nerds were all very library-focused, rather than metadata focused. It's Disney, though, so they ought to be able to afford a programmer and an information architect, or maybe other MLIS schools have more technical folks than mine did.

Date: 2014-04-19 06:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That is my exact complaint with my MIMS program. It morphed out of the the old Library Sciences program, originally with a purer organization focus. But by the time I got there, they were requiring a basic programming skill, "basic" not really being all that novice level at all. The shift now seems to be towards pre-existing programmers who want UI/UX skills and a foundation of organizational standards based in metadata and taxonomy, as well as some understanding of the social issues of information management thrown-in.

You, actually, could be a model for one of the types of professional they want to produce. I just wish they'd already made up their minds before they told me I could get what I was looking for in their program.

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