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I am moving, again. For the summer, I'll be living in Sunnyvale while I do my internship in Santa Clara. This is a good thing; 130 mile roundtrips daily from Antioch along the 680 corridor just were not going to go well. But this means I am moving next weekend, the weekend before finals. Then I do it all again in August as I look for a place close to the UC Berkeley campus. That makes three moves within six months. Oddly, I am not freaking out. I think I am too stressed for extreme responses at this point. Good things are happening but the uncertainty and lack of solid foundation has worn me down. These last three years have been a near continuous struggle just to keep afloat and moving forward. I am weary. And nowhere near done.

On the extreme upside, while I will be working an 8-5, Mon-Fri gig all summer, I will have weekends off and I will be in the South Bay. Party time! I fully expect assistance reaching this goal. ;)
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When I tell you I love you, I am moved by something to try to share how I feel, to open up my end of our connection to you. I don't use the words like punctuation or as a prompt for reciprocation. I try to remain clear and not merely reciprocate on reflex myself.

If I tell you I love you, I mean it, and you deserve it.
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GE washer & dryer, need minor repairs. Free! Dryer needs a power cord. Washer fills but does not agitate. Both should be easy fixes. They were given to me but I don't have anywhere to put them. Would make a great dying set! Please contact me to make arrangements for pickup in Hayward. If I don't get any responses by Monday, they'll get listed on FreeCycle.
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If so, I could really use your expertise and help. I'm applying like mad for scholarships. There just aren't that many that I qualify for. Lots of scholarships for women and non-traditional students (read: old), but most have funky rider requirements involving a specific activity or region of the country, yada yada. I found one I qualify for because information management systems is an accepted major of study. But I know next to nothing about the document management and graphic communication industries. One of the essays is all about these industries. So I'm going to repost the question here and hope, hope, hope that someone will share their wisdom with me.

"Technology and society have changed the Document Management and Graphic Communications industries. Briefly describe what you think has had the most significant impact on the Document Management and/or Graphic Communications industry in the past year and why. Looking ahead one year, what innovations do you think will be most meaningful to the industry? How will business benefit from these advances?"

I've got the rest covered but this one stumps me. Thank you in hopeful advance!

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*taps the mic* Is this thing on? *cough* I'd like to make an extremely important, to me, announcement.

I got into UC Berkeley! I'm going to grad school!

I'd like to formally and publicly thank Troy McKee for all his support and belief in me. This would not have happened without his insistence that I could and would succeed.

That's it. Hehehehehehe
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One of the psychology professors, Dr. Cerutti, collapsed on campus and died Monday.

By all accounts, he was a good person and a well-loved teacher. I didn't take any classes with him, only knew him slightly through a school friend who was his RA in the animal research lab. I spent yesterday trying to get in touch with her, not wanting her to find out via the same email notification I'd gotten. However, she was contacted Monday evening by her lab co-worker and the department. She is being taken care of, I hope well. My professor last night talked briefly about Dr. Cerutti's death, had a moment of silence, then gave lecture. Today is a different experience, with professors and students visibly upset. My lab professor canceled class and stuck around to talk with anyone who needed to talk. He looked like he needed to talk himself, maybe even a hug, but that divide between students and professors stopped me from offering. I'm sad, mostly because the people around me are.

Why am I sharing? It just seems appropriate to acknowledge Dr. Cerutti's death.
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I am not sure I am going to survive waiting til mid-March to find out if I've been accepted to UCB.
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Several people have been musing on their LJ blogs about the merits of culling their friends lists down to those who actually post regularly themselves. I understand their reasons, but want to protest that I am special and should get an exemption. Cheeky? Uh huh.

Actually, I've effectively asked for an exemption from my entire social life while I am in school. There just aren't enough resources for anything much beyond my educational endeavors. This bothers me on a fairly frequent basis, on many levels. But they don't call it a sacrifice for nothing. Nevertheless, I am very aware that I am not holding up my end of the social contract with any of my friendships, and I regret this, deeply. I can only hope that my friends and favored acquaintances will understand and wait patiently for me to get through this multi-year project of self-improvement and advancement. I will make it up to you, I promise.

Speaking of which, it is two months off, but my birthday falls on a Friday in mid-March this year. The number feels significant, so maybe it's time to try a party again. If I had one, would you attend?
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Three days in a row spent with my dad. Unheard of in years and years. Thursday night was hockey, in which the Sharks kicked butt. No blood, but hey, I'll take the win over a Gordie Howe hat trick, I guess. Would have been fun to see Marleau get one of those, though. Friday night was a last-minute Christmas Eve dinner at the 'rents, fancy-style. This made me super happy, because my stepmom had been talking skipping the festive Christmas thing. I realized that I rely on them to keep those traditions going. Mom is an awesome Mrs. Clause (you know she is the power behind Santa!) and Dad is the Grinch, personified. "Bah humbug!" is his favorite holiday phrase. Yet he always comes 'round in the end. So their house was beautiful, the food was so delicious I almost made myself sick, and their friends were a lot of fun to hang out with. Then they picked me up Saturday morning to make the long trek to Folsom. I slept through most of that: have pillow, will sleep! I don't care how it looks to be nearly 45 and carrying my pillow. ;p We spent the day with my aunt and uncle. My aunt is, and has always been, my favorite person in the whole wide world, and I haven't seen her in more than two years. Too long! We did the presents thing, in which I received more loot than is reasonable. Yay! We went out to a fancy dinner that was almost as yummy as the dinner the night before. Then we got on the road, just as the rain stopped, and had a smooth, quick drive home, during which I talked to my brother on the phone.

Worth mentioning is one of my presents: my dad got me a Cal Berkeley hoodie, and as I was unwrapping it, said, "No pressure!" Heh. Yeah, the race with the application deadline is on.


Dec. 10th, 2010 08:24 pm
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Today I started the application process for graduate school at UC Berkeley. One of my three top choices has already agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. I don't know when I decided I was good enough to follow my dreams, but here it is, and I'll take it.
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On the subject of "enhanced" security measures by the TSA, I haven't read anything addressing this particular point: What does the willingness to do the invasive patdowns say about the character of the people holding these jobs? Does anyone know what screening methods are used when hiring the TSA agents? For instance, do they screen out criminals with records of sexual assault?
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I somewhat foolishly thought that despite my generally overloaded state, I could comply with all my commitments yesterday and survive to study and play another day. I managed to get through a full day of GRE prep hell (one more Saturday to go!). Between the score in the first minute, the win and 6 fights, the Sharks game really lifted my spirits. Then I went to the Heaven n Hell party as *drumroll* a Sharks fan, a quasi-costume that was more popular than I expected. At the party I got set on fire! Well, okay, there was alcohol set on fire, but it was on my skin! Then there was people soup. I didn't get home til 5am. The fun quotient was way exceeded. Today, though, I am beyond wrecked. Totally worth it.
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Our five-year old neighbor was hit by a car this afternoon. Junior had run out to his father's truck to give him the cell phone he had left behind. As Junior rounded the truck, another neighbor was driving past and struck him. Junior rolled several times before coming to a stop and crying.

Dany's bedroom faces the street and she heard the screams. Nothing unusual there; Junior is a screamer. But then his mother screamed and Dany was up and moving. I heard Dany and just knew, so I was not far behind her. The family is hispanic and it quickly became obvious to me that the parents didn't speak well enough to be able to advocate for their son. So I offered to translate when emergency crews arrived. And then I offered to go with them to the hospital. There was no way he wasn't going for a ride and they needed the help. Junior's leg is clearly broken at the hip, and he has contusions on his arm and chin as well as a nasty scalp wound.

If I never have to try to hold a child's leg still while he screams in pain... I could feel the squishiness where there should be firm bone... Yeah.

But wow, what a tough little kid! He speaks some English and he was using it, "Aiy! Hey doctor! (pats the paramedic's leg) Hey! Help me! I need something for my leg!" "I can give you a shot..." "A shot? No, I don't want a shot! I'm fine! I'm fine" Two minutes later, rinse, repeat.

There was a translator at the hospital when we arrived, but she was actually social services and got called away within the first 15 minutes. So I stayed and translated every half hour or so when something new happened, and also helped calm Junior every time he fought past thew morphine and cried about pain, or itchiness, or just plain wanting to get up and leave. His mother was a wreck, understandably, and she told me repeatedly that she was very glad I was there.

Then the ED nurse assigned to Junior's case mentioned healthcare interpreter certification. I just might have to go there. If I'm gonna take the ride anyway...

Junior will be okay. He was due some staples in the noggin and a choice for pins or a cast from the orthopedist when I left. I gave his parents my number and havent' heard anything from them, so I have to believe they are being well-treated. Kudos to Children's Hospital in Oakland! I've seen more than my fair share of emergency rooms, and theirs was the nicest.

Now home cuz my family is awesome and totally supported my choice to just get in the ambulance and go. Troy came and got me after work. Having dinner, trying to relax, and drinking some serious whisky sours.

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Summer quarter is finally over. Phew! I was done two weeks ago. Classes don't start again until September 22. I am free! Well, almost. I did get called up for jury duty again, reporting on the 1st. I figure since it doesn't conflict with any responsibilities, I won't try to wiggle out, even though technically I already completed my juror obligation this year. Upstanding citizen. Or something.

In the meantime, I am broke til school starts, but have lots of free time. And I really miss my peeps. If you want to play on the cheap side, lemme know.
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A pair of red and grey long socks, the thick kind that can be gotten at some SCA events, have gone missing, along with one of the grey and white pair. I can't imagine what happened to them. They never made it back from West-AnTir War. This means I have none of the thick long socks to wear. And my boyfriend *really* likes it when I wear them.


In happier news, images from the war are up on my website.
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Spent the weekend in Napa, at one of the best weddings I have ever attended. Very little cell reception and no internet activity means I am way behind on the various social networks and unlikely to try to catch up. If you posted something you want me to read, send me a link.

Tuesday I leave for West/ An Tir War. My favorite SCA event and quite possibly the only one I will attend this year. *rawr*

Right now? Tired like whoa and anxious about pictures.
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I am sicker than I have been in a long time. Fever, body aches, sore and swollen throat, endless snot. At least the difficulty breathing and the rapid-cycling PVCs have gone away. But for the snot, I'd lay this firmly at the pointy end of the MMR syringe. (For those who don't tweet or read FB, I had a mandatory MMR vaccine yesterday at school and seem to be having a bad reaction, I think.)

Sick is sick, and so what, but for my summer just starting and I have plans for this weekend, gorammit! Those plans are now all in jeopardy. Serious pouting is on my horizon.
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