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On the way home from work, Troy and I passed an accident on 880. A motorcycle and two cars had mixed it up. The bike was under the front fender of one of the cars but we saw the rider sitting up, conscious and being attended to by paramedics. Hopefully, he will be fine. This would be a shade of my worst nightmare accident, which is hitting a motorcyclist on the freeway after they've laid their bike down in front of me. Of wry amusement to us was noting that afterwards every other rider to pass us by splitting the carpool and second lanes was doing so *very* cautiously.

Fast-forward a long commute crawl to Hayward later and I joined the ranks of BART riders, noting an unusual number of bike riders getting on the train. At every stop there were more. Today is the Bike Party Ride, and their stop? Ashby BART, also my exit point. The riders were pleasant to chat with, very concerned with trying to minimize their impact on other passengers, and clearly looking forward to a fun time. My truck was completely surrounded in the full of bicycles and riders parking lot, yet I got nothing but cooperation when I made it clear I wanted to leave, with riders clearing space around me and helping me make sure I didn't hit anyone. I was driving out with a big smile on my face, right up until the unicyclist came flying around the corner of the entrance and almost decorated my hood without my help or consent. I got over it, and I don't think he even noticed his near brush with truck.

Yay! bikes!

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