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This semester I have been struggling with the computer science survey course, Distributed Computing Concepts, that is a required class for my major. I am not the only one struggling. The professor returned to the school this semester after a 4 year sabbatical in Washington, DC, setting up an IT department for one of the federal agencies. It would be fair to say that she knows her stuff. However, figuring out the appropriate level this particular class should be taught at has not been her forte. Neither has hearing us tell her that we are not getting it. Nor that her frequent mistakes only confuse us non-computer science majors who don't have the foundational skill set to work past the misdirection. To say that she has been defensive and impatient would be an understatement.

Yesterday I got an email from her, informing me that I am failing the class and that I should discuss my options with the dean. After the first wave of freakout, I forwarded her email to the administrator, along with expressions of my dismay. The freakout then proceeded in full form. In the last 24 hours I have learned that I am one of 13 who are failing the class. That is over half the class. I also learned that just before Spring break, some students were accused of cheating on their homework because they worked together on the assignment. This boggles and infuriates me! But I wasn't included in that group, lucky for her.

Today I met with the administrator. The school had an emergency meeting to find resolutions; at the meeting I was given my options. It isn't pretty but I chose to drop the class, thereby avoiding an F on my transcript. However, this puts me seriously behind in units earned towards my major. Not at all clear how I will pull it off, but I'll have to take 28 units next year, in two semesters. Unless the class is offered this summer in a time slot I can fit in around my work schedule. There are no good answers, but at least the stress of that class is currently lifted and I can go about making sure I maintain the grades in my other classes.

In other news, the fall I took just before Spring break does not appear to have done anything more serious that a slight setback to surgical recovery in terms of RoM. My PT did some of those oh, so small but incredibly painful later adjustments to my upper back and lower neck. He expressed concern but not worry and I will see him again in 3 weeks, per the Plan. Icing has been achieved; an early night may be called for.

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